I CARE *hug* It will be okay my friend.

Thank you, beautiful woman! Sometimes the feelings and the thoughts are too dark, and make you feel alone. Suddenly I’ve been washed with love (that was not my intention replying to that anon, I would have to prefer to keep my problems to myself) but having friends like you, things and life look better, much much better.

You ain’t going to be sad, not in my guard

Even if I have to drown you in unicorn’s shit that smells like rainbows!


“Well, well, if it’s not less than the cutest baby in the world” Fenrir dropped the chewing toy he had been holding inside his mouth and put his hands over it. Then he raised his arms towards his father, and repeated the gesture, trying to make little kisses noises, like that girl had taught him last week on the park.

Xemnas laughed, picking him up from the cradle. The baby giggled, trying to reach his face with his small hands.

“Can you laugh?” the Superior asked his son. “Can you go hahaha?”

The baby looked at him with a confused smile, turned to the side where Saïx was standing with a camera on his hands, and then back to him and giggled again.

Xemnas bursted into a loud, deep and evil laugh, making Fenrir almost jump from his arms. Water started to gather in the corner of his eyes and in the next second he was crying, tears running down his little face.

“You’re so mean!” Saïx pulled Fenrir into his arms and kissed his cheek, cleaning his tears. “Don’t cry, don’t cry, Papa is just an airhead” the baby slowly stopped crying, but hiccups still made him shake.

“I’m sorry, sweetie” Xemnas grabbed Fenrir’s little hands with his and gave them a gentle squeeze. Fenrir hid his face into Saïx’s hair, and Xemnas nuzzled his head.